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Swedish Massage is a general relaxation massage using traditional massage strokes applied to the musculature of the body to promote increased circulation, calm nerves and instill a sense of relaxation. 30min. therapy = $35.  60min. therapy = $65.  90min. therapy = $90.

Therapeutic Massage is more specific and targets certain areas of chronic pain. It is best for overworked, fatigued muscles. This is also the most popular treatment. the techniques used are intended to relieve muscular discomfort and improve range of motion while still providing the benefits of basic Swedish massage. 

30min. therapy = $35. 60min. therapy = $75. 90min. therapy = $100.

Pregnancy Massage is a combination of Swedish strokes and therapeutic techniques to help ease tension and address the unique aches and pains that go along with pregnancy. Please consult your physician before seeking massage if you are pregnant.  

30min. therapy = $35. 60min therapy = $70.

Couples Massage is a unique massage experience perfect for the couple celebrating an anniversary or just looking for a different “date” idea. This treatment involves two tables set up in one treatment room side by side as each individual receives a Swedish Massage by their own therapist. Being in the same space and receiving massage together offers a unique connection between the two individuals. 60min. therapy (per couple) = $160.

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On site Chair Massage  This is a great service to offer for a special occasion. It gives you the chance to stand out and present something alternative to your guests. It is also a great way to introduce massage to the newcomer. I am available for various events, whether it be Corporate events, Meet and greets, Conventions or Bridal & Baby Showers . Prices start at $60hr. per therapist (2hour minimum. approximately 7-8 clients per hour) Local travel and setup is to be negotiated, but usually included. 

On site Traditional Table Massage  All of the great services already listed in the comfort of your own home. There is some setup time that is needed however. There is also a one hour minimum. Prices are as listed plus $35 (note that couples massage is plus $35 per client) Please allow for scheduling, yet a rush can be negotiated.

Health Insurance  I am also a proud provider of Blue Cross & Blue Shield. I accept numerous plans however. Click the BCBS icon to see a list. Call the number on the back of your card and verify that you qualify. They will tell you what your copay is and the duration of session. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact me and I can help. 

​*Independent Health "Flex Fit" card acceptance will be available shortly.

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