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eric bamberg, lmt

"I had a problem in my right wrist from using the computer too much at work, and it was bothering me for a couple weeks. I didn't even mention this to Eric (I somehow forgot about it) but he found it, asked me about it and we talked about the muscles and what was going on in there, while he worked it out.  Afterwards, I am not kidding, it felt wonderful.  I had no pain in my wrist." -Lara M.

"I have seen Eric twice over the last month. The first time was simply a great, full-body massage. Afterwards, I was able to identify where my real trouble spots were. On the second visit, I pointed them out to him, and he took care of them. The past week has been wonderful! The pain is gone, and I can't wait for my next visit. The price is very reasonable, the office is lovely, and the added touches of a heated massage table and blanket make for a relaxing hour on even the coldest of Buffalo days." -Scott V.

"Eric listens to me when I mention where my problem areas are. I also feel 100% better when I leave. He answers questions and is very knowledgeable. He has even given me some suggestions on things I can do at home to help prevent some of my issues." -Kat H.

words from clients