After 25 years as a graphic designer/printer, I was looking for a change. Much of this change came from present colleagues of mine who knew more than I, regarding where I was suppose to be. With a little nudging from them and some moments of clarity on my part, I ended up in the right place.

What they had seen was my history as an entrepreneur, my attention to detail and my technical/mechanical abilities. I feel I bring all of these elements to my life as an LMT. I like to break a client's physical situation down, find out what they want and need. Drawing from my past, I use a freeform artistic approach to deliver the best of my skills. My desire is to stand out from the crowd in order to retain my client for future visits and continue their physical plan. 

I attended The New York Institute of Massage, located here in western New York. NYIM is a massage therapy school with a very strong scientific approach and focus on Myology and Neurology. In other words the study of muscle and nerves. Being mechanically minded, this was right for me for sure. The result of that is a multi-modality session with me that will leave a client feeling a sense of achievement. What that means is that, possibly mid session I may change hats in order to get the client a better result. The body is always changing and so should the therapy. A client once told me that I never massage the same way twice. I found

that true.

Let's not forget however that massage just feels great. Depending on tolerances, I can adjust from light to very heavy pressure at the client's request. Whether it be a bio-mechanical dysfunction or seeking a time for relaxation, either way,  I believe that I can help any client. 

Eric Bamberg

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